Wurlitzer Studio piano

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Wurlitzer Studio piano

$ 1,495.00 USD
$ 3,500.00 USD

$ 1,495.00 USD

We feel that exceptional "After the Sale" Service and Education
is what differentiates us from others.
We believe that you must play a piano before purchase.
For these reasons we limit sales to our local market area:
From Port Charlotte down to Marco Island over to Lake Okeechobee
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Product Description

This model piano can be found in school and churches across the country.

With it's music desk design it can hold several pieces of music at the same time, and the solid back allows you to write music right at the piano! (something that's hard to do on pianos with "pretty" music racks)

It's taller size give you the string length of a mid size baby grand crating a much better tone.

This used piano has been played, a lot, and it's cabinet is in OK condition with a water stain of the lid. BUT, it's price has been reduced to reflect this.

If you are looking for a great piano - on a budget, this one is for you!