Lowrey Sensation organ

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Lowrey Sensation organ

$ 1,995.00 USD
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$ 1,995.00 USD

We feel that exceptional "After the Sale" Service and Education
is what differentiates us from others.
We believe that you must play a piano before purchase.
For these reasons we limit sales to our local market area:
From Port Charlotte down to Marco Island over to Lake Okeechobee
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Product Description

It has 2 full console keyboards and the lower one splits in to giving you 3 keyboards for very easy sound changes!

For those of us who wear glasses it has a built in music rack extender making it easier to read music.

With it's ergonomic button layout you can easily change tones without missing a beat.

End-of-season Clearance Sale price $1,995

A near luxury organ that is easy to set up and play. A top-end organ priced at an entry-level price. end-os-Season sale only $1,995.