New Samick SG-110

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New Samick SG-110

$ 1,995.00 USD
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$ 1,995.00 USD

We feel that exceptional "After the Sale" Service and Education
is what differentiates us from others.
We believe that you must play a piano before purchase.
For these reasons we limit sales to our local market area:
From Port Charlotte down to Marco Island over to Lake Okeechobee
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Product Description

The Samick Grand 120 has a gorgeous look with high-quality sounds including an excellent grand piano. The accuracy and dynamics of the sounds, together with the natural response of the new Graded Hammer-Action keyboard provide the quality and the feel of a grand piano. The luxurious finish makes the piano look as good as it sounds in any room decor.


Designed for all types of musicians these instruments offer a high-quality Grand Piano sound at power up but also incorporate a total of 385 sounds – 22 sounds available on the control panel plus 363 available in the internal memory – carefully selected to satisfy any requirements. The available voices feature a rich range of important sounds including Acoustic and Electric pianos, Harpsichord, String Ensembles, Vocals, Organs and Guitar sounds and more. All sounds can be layered to create your favorite sound combinations.


There are three different types of built-in Digital Reverb that simulate different playing environments, from small rooms to theatres. There’s also a Chorus effect.


An easy-to-use SMF Multi-Track Recorder enables the player to make digital song recordings (up to 16-tracks). The recorded songs can be stored directly on USB flash drive. You can also use a USB flash drive to play back commercially available Standard MIDI Files (SMF’s).


Sound Source: High Resolution Sampling Technology

Keyboard: 88 Graded Hammer Action - FATAR TP40 GH Keyboard

Display: 2 Lines Back-Lit Display

Polyphony: 128 Notes Max

Demo: 20 Demo Songs

Sound Select: Grand piano button, 10 Sound Groups: Piano, Organ, Guitar & Bass, Strings & Vocals, Brass & Woodwinds, Synth & Keys, Accordions, World, Drum & Percussions, Favorites.

MAIN Sound Section 362 sounds, 10 Drum Kit, Reverb, Chorus, Octave , Volume

DUAL Sound Section 362 sounds, 10 Drum Kit, Reverb, Chorus, Octave , Volume

LEFT Sound Section 362 sounds, 10 Drum Kit, Reverb, Chorus, Octave , Volume

Controls: Master Volume, Bass/Treble Control, Data Buttons and Data Wheel, PIANIST, Transpose/Pitch, Touch Control, Reverb, Chorus, Memory Bank, Layer, Left, Function, Enter

Memory Bank: 54 User Programs - 6 Banks of 9 programs

Pedals: 3 Pedals: Soft - Sostenuto - Sustain (with Half Pedal)

Style Select: 11 Style Group: Pop & Rock, Country, Standards, Latin 1, Latin 2, Jazz & Blues, Ballads, Ballroom, Dance, World, Favorites.

Rhythm Orchestra; 350 Styles - 2 Variations, Auto Accomp On/Off, Auto Set Up, Tap Tempo , Intro/Ending, Fill 1/2, Synchro & Key Start, Start/Stop, Metronome, Drum Volume, Auto Accomp. Volume, Full Keyboard.

Auto Set Up: 350 Auto Set Up Registrations

USB Disk Recorder: Easy Recording Track 1 & Track 2, Multi Recording

Bluetooth: Option for Bluetooth Audio connection

Effects Reverb: 8 Types, Chorus: 8 Types

Tuning; Transpose, Pitch

Dynamic: On/Off, 3 selectable curves (Fixed Touch programmable)

Midi: Midi Out: 16 channels, USB Midi In, Local Midi.

Connections: USB disk connection for data storage and play back, USB to Computer (Audio/Midi), Midi Out connector, Stereo Output, Stereo Input, Input Level Control

Headphone: 2 Headphone Socket

Amplifier: Stereo Amplification, 4 Speakers – 2 Woofer, 2 Tweeters

Dimensions: 4 ft 8 in (W) x 2 ft 11 in (D) x 2 ft 4 in (H)

Weight: 165 lbs