Samick G-1 Grand

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Samick G-1 Grand

$ 2,995.00 USD
$ 5,995.00 USD

$ 2,995.00 USD

We feel that exceptional "After the Sale" Service and Education
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We believe that you must play a piano before purchase.
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Product Description

Samick G-1 Off White Grand
Used 5'1" baby grand

This is a Korean piano and built to higher specifications than recent inexpensive grands coming from other countries.

The off-white cabinet is much more appealing than the "refrigerator white" of some pianos.

The piano plays well, but there is some discoloration on the left side & leg of the piano.

If you're placing the piano where this can't be seen you are getting a steal. It may buff out, or it may not.

We being honest about the cabinet and have reduced to price to $3,995 to compensate.

End-Of-Season Clearance Sale $2,995